When you bring your trophy to Smith’s Taxidermy Studio, we will inspect and note the condition of your trophy with you. If your trophies are being shipped to us, we will notify you of receipt after we inspect the condition of them.

The consultation can be done in the field, on the phone or through email. We will discuss the condition of your trophies when we received them as well as your space and visions to display the trophy. After we get this information we can determine a more accurate price for each piece. After we receive a deposit of 50%, we are ready to move forward to the Tanning and Mounting process.

The tanning of skins is one of the most important steps to ensure a quality mount. For this reason Smith’s Taxidermy Studio prefers to send our skins to a tannery that specializes in tanning and uses the most up to date techniques. This ensures us of a quality tan and enables us to be more efficient and focus on quality detailed taxidermy.

This is the stage where your visions for your trophy are created. We start by measuring and prepping your skin, then select a form that most closely fits your skin. We will then alter and customize the form to achieve your desired pose. We are now ready to add the details into the form that are not present in a commercial form. This is where Smith’s Taxidermy Studio brings your trophy to life!

Base / Finish Work
Whether you are looking for a simple hardwood base or a beautiful cabinet style pedestal, we build every base in our wood shop to fit each piece specifically.
After the piece is completely dry. We will go over the entire piece and restore the colors and textures to all areas to give that lifelike look to your trophy. The last step is a final cleaning.

This is the point that you have been anticipating….. Delivery to your home or office. We will call and discuss your options for delivery, pick up, or shipping. Smith’s Taxidermy Studio does offer delivery service that is safer and often a more cost-effective alternative to shipping.