The artist. 

 Eric Smith

Smith's Taxidermy Studio, was established in 1999 by Eric Smith.  His passion and love for the outdoors inspired him to make taxidermy his career. Upon graduation from high school, Eric attended the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy.  Soon after graduation from the Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy, Eric opened Smith's Taxidermy Studio, LLC, in Morrisdale, Pennsylvania.

Early in his career, Eric competed in several competitions where his work won awards.
- 1999 Best of Category in Game Heads
- 2000 Red Ribbon in Game Heads
- 2004 Blue Ribbon in Large Life Size

In the summer of 2007, Eric attended the Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School (COAGS). It was at COAGS, where he completed The Basic Outdoor Program and The Professional Guide Program and graduated at the top of both of these classes.

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In 2008, Eric and his wife Niki moved to Dolores, Colorado after she graduated from Duquesne University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her Doctorate of Pharmacy. While in Colorado, Eric continued to do taxidermy and also guided elk hunts in the fall for local outfitters.

In 2010, Eric and Niki went on their first African Safari with Numzaan Safaris and they both became hooked on Africa!  With many return trips to Numzaan Safaris, Eric now books hunts for Numzaan Safaris and accompanies his clients on their safaris when possible. After returning from South Africa, Eric became an official scorer for Safari Club International. This now allows his clients to have all their needs met at one place.

In 2011, Eric and Niki relocated their family and Smith's Taxidermy Studio back to Morrisdale, Pennsylvania, where they now call home.

“In 2012, Eric and Niki became US Representatives for Numzaan Safaris as well as their preferred taxidermy company on the east coast. Eric and Niki also joined Numzaan Safaris exclusive marketing team for the east coast and currently assist hunters in all areas of booking and planning their African Safari.

Now in 2015, Eric and Niki are proud to welcome the newest member to Smith’s Taxidermy Studio, their son, Sawyer who was born January 13th, 2015.”

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